Modules @ We-Connect

  • Lead Management

  • Contract Management

  • Email Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Appointment Management

  • Telephony Integration

  • GPS Tracking of Sales Personnel

  • Tracks Customer Acquisition Cost

  • Report and Analysis

  • Personalisation

Leads Management

Automate the process of lead creation from your cold calling centers, Facebook, LinkedIn, google ad campaigns, and email campaigns. Assign it to a relevant salesperson with a single click and track your conversion while you sit back and enjoy your coffee.

Setup one-click reminders to surprise your leads on their birthdays to keep the relationship warn while the business flourish, never give them the feeling that you forgot the personal relations when business scaled and prosperity found you.

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Analytics-Driven CRM

Track the lead conversion process in the timeline and lead funnels that can be customized as per the policy of your firm in a single click.

Always be one step ahead of your sales, marketing engine by staying on top of analytics and insights on your marketing channels

Identify why your leads are not getting converted, find the weak links in your marketing channels, and reinvest accordingly in real-time by using our data-driven analytics.

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Sales Leader Board

Gamification of sales will transform pressure-driven sales to exercise into an adventure where they can shine by collecting accolades. Encourage competition among your team to challenge themselves in terms of performance every day by implementing a live scoreboard on their performance based on their contribution to marketing activity.

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Ecommerce Integration

Ever wondered about the customers who left items in their shopping cart and forgot to finish shopping? Internet is full of distractions, sometimes those distractions can cost you, customers, Ejabiz We Connect helps you to reconnect with those lost souls by tracking them and adding them to your leads automatically through an API-driven eCommerce integration.

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Why Choose us to Connect

  • Simple intuitive user interface

  • Customised real-time reports

  • Deployment, consulting, onboarding, and training plan supported by transparent pricing plan, to help you start your business.

  • Smooth migration assistance and easy import of data in spreadsheets or other system CRMs.

  • A fully extensible developer platform that promotes tighter integration of CRM with external systems and applications.

  • Hassle-free migration assistance and easy import of data in spreadsheets or other system CRMs

  • Easy to use Mobile CRM

  • Easily customisable Multilingual CRM

  • Notifications with Smart-watch integration

Integrate with your favourite apps

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